About the lovely Alba Carolina .

Name: My name is Alba Carolina Valdez, pronounced with a Spanish accent.

What do you do/want to do: I am interested in reporting for a television news station. I love finding out information and informing people of issues that are pertinent. When I delve into the area of broadcast journalism, I want to focus on covering stories correctly. I’m also interested in producing good newscasts’ with captivating stories that mean something.

Where are you from: I am from the beautiful island of Dominican Republic, formerly known as Hispaniola. I was born there and at the age of four, my family decided to start new lives in New York City. I absolutely loved growing there. As a veteran of the Navy, my last station was in Jacksonville, FL, where I had already began to complete my Bachelors.

What is the best book you’ve ever read? Why: Would it be extremely cheesy if I said that the book I ever read was the first book in the Twilight Series? Well, I’m totally kidding. The best book I’ve ever read was Demon in My View by Amelia At-Water Roads. The author has a knack for writing fantasy books, including the common characters known today as vampires, shape-shifters and were-wolves. However, Demon in My View, was a captivating love story about a depressed vampire and a human looking for answers to certain questions of her life. Also, I would like to note that this book came out a long time before the very popular Twilight ever did.

What makes you happy: Some things that make me happy are accomplishing high goals that I set for myself. Sometimes I tend to be hard on myself, so when I prove myself wrong or overcome something I never thought I could, I am just absolutely filled with joy. I also love just having a good conversation or good time with family and friends.

What makes you mad: I must admit, when things or situations or events do not go the way I planned, I get furious. Also, when people go back on their word, I get pretty upset because I always expect things to go a certain way and when they don’t, I feel like I’m thrown off of track.

What is your idea of a fun day: My idea of a fun day is a day at the beach laying out in the sun with some family and friends, or heading out to the movies. Something else which I find fun, and I like to do a lot when I have free time, is having friends over my place to eat, lounge around and watch a game or a movie. I enjoy social gatherings, and nothing screams fun to me like having a couple of old friends and enjoying their company.

What’s the one thing in the world you think you probably know way too much about? I know a lot about being an Aircrew Survival Equipment man aka Parachute Rigger in the Navy. I was in the Navy for four years, and in those four years I reached the rank of an E-5, which is a Petty Officer Second Class. It took a lot of studying of the rate and much hands on work dealing with situations and certain items, as well as paper work, to get to become an E-5. An E-5 in the military is one of the most knowledgeable rates, they know all of the hands on work and all of the paperwork dealing with their rate. Rate is like another work for job type in the Navy.


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