So there was this scavenger hunt…


It started off as a simple assignment for my assembling digital media class and turned into an adventure full of fun! I know it sounds cheesy, but I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more than I did in a class! The task of finding specific items and capturing them in a certain way to display the uniqueness of it was indeed fun. I never considered myself a photographer, but the way I was squatting down at certain angles to take pictures and the action of taking multiple pictures of one object at a time, sure made me feel like one.

The scavenger hunt included finding ten items but they had to be specific of course (or it wouldn’t have been a legit scavenger hunt). The items were: a reflection, “weird perspective”, person but no faces, rust, lines, something moving, discarded, signage, “intense color” and an interesting texture.

Who would’ve though ten simple things that I had to take a picture of could be found at dinner, and in the parking lot of a shopping center! Thank you Town Center for you made it all possible. I’m sure I could of found some of the items else where, but I feel like I found my items perfectly. I also need to give thanks to Baby’s R Us and Chipotle and my friends. If it weren’t for those two places and people, some my beautiful pictures would not exist!


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