My phone, my life?

I constantly lose my iPhone. I mean like everyday. Literally. I was just cleaning my apartment not too long ago and misplaced my cellphone. I looked everywhere for it; at least I thought I did. So, what did I do next? I went on because I don’t have a mac (yet), and I clicked on the widget, “Find my iPhone”. What an amazing little widget that is. This application serves such an important function. By accessing GPS services that locate your device, the application is able to force your phone to ring, giving an audible path to your lost device. Apparently, I left it in a bathroom drawer as I was cleaning up a few hours prior.find-my-iphone

If I had a regular phone it would have been lost until the next morning – when I would’ve opened the drawer to look for some make-up or hair scrunchies. I’m thankful I found it, but that brings me to question, “ will I one day become solely dependent on technology just to function throughout my day?“ When I think about it cell phones; these little pieces of plastic combined with tiny metals, I immediately consider the many ways they control our lives. We receive our emails, check our social media sites, create drafts for documents, edit photos, and then some!

Personally, I love my phone and the cool things that it does. I don’t like the fact, however, that there is so much that I do on it – that it becomes a part of my daily routine.

Any who, I found my phone and I’m glad. Still, I wonder how many people can really sit their smart-phone and do something productive for more than 2 – 3 hours (besides sleep).

I know I can, or at least I think I can.


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