Family lineage, how is it that we all sort of resemble

Last Thursday, my friend Ella and I decided to take our mothers out on the town. We first headed to Rush Street at the Landing in downtown Jacksonville, which turned out to be closed, and then we decided to take them to the ever popular Marks. Marks was only a couple of blocks over, so it seemed like a pretty good place to take them to. It ended up being a great choice, and we all had a great time. However, the main thing was for our mothers to enjoy their selves, and they did. Mission accomplished.

Mom's night out.

As I sit down and write this post, I find it incredible how much my friend and I both look like our own mothers. Besides the fact that I’m completely captivated by this image, how we all are smiling and just are completely at ease, I’m completely captivated by our resemblance. I showed the image above to a couple of friends, and most of them said the same thing “you all kind of look alike!” So, it got me to thinking about my root’s as well as my friends roots. I’m from Dominican Republic, and the history of my country is one similar to other Caribbean islands (or other distant lands in reference to indigenous people living there and their conquerors) such as Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Jamaica. My country was first inhabited by the Taino Indians, and after Christopher Columbus, or Cristobal Colon (in Spanish) “founded the country”, he brought other Spaniards to establish colonies and order, and in bringing the Spaniards, African slaves were brought as well. Most other islands have a similar history, and that’s one of the reasons why there are so many different complexions of skins, textures of hair, and difference in eye colors.

It’s interesting because I then started thinking is there really a pure race in the world left? I mean I’m sure there has to be some, probably in Africa, or in secluded islands, or areas that are left alone undisturbed by the new world and the 21st century technology. Think global village… These pure races, if there are any left, probably aren’t apart of that.

It’s interesting because then it got me to thinking, is there really a pure race in the world left?

Moving on, the image of my friend, her mother, my mother, and myself had me wondering, what if, like seriously, what if somewhere down the line we’re actually related. My friend Ella is as she would say a quarter Puerto Rican and black, but she failed to mention how her mothers grandfather was white. So I’m assuming, that would probably make her like 15% percent white as well. My math is horrible so please don’t go by my math, but the point that I’m trying to get at is that we sort of have the same type of lineage. Since she is a “quarter” Puerto Rican, she too has the mixture of Taino Indians, Spaniards and African in the mix, just like Dominicans. Not to mention she has more African in her lineage and then some where down the line she has white, which could be German or Spaniard, or anything else!

Which brings me to my question, are people who have the same type of ancestry destined to resemble eachother even in the slightest bit? Something to think about. I think somewhere down the line my friend Ella and I are family.

Somewhere down the line.


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