Public Speaking – am I doing it right?

I was asked to speak at the new student orientation tomorrow for the Converged Communications program.  As far as I know, myself and one of my peers, Summer, will be asked to speak on how to be successful in the program. I’m a pretty good student. Straight A’s, if I may brag. I apply myself, and I take advantage of all of the outlets that are available to me in order for me to be successful. I am honored that I was asked, and I think that speaking tomorrow will be good for me, and for my future. See, many people may not know this, nor believe it, but I have a big fear of public speaking. One of my peers stated that there are 75 students entering the program next semester and that really placed me in nervous mode. I’m nervous because it’s a large group that I’ve never met. I don’t know if it’s the fact that your standing in front of others and all eyes are on you, or if it’s the fact that you don’t want to sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about. However, I shouldn’t be because I only have to say a few things on how to be successful. It seems easy and simple, but as an avid worrier that I am, it’s not.

public speaking

So, what would a successful student, or person for that matter, do in order to give a successful short (probably only 2 minute presentation) to a large group of people, so that they do not appear nervous, nor do they choke?

The answer is simple. GOOGLE.

And that’s exactly what I did. I’ve googled tons of phrases such as; “how to get rid of nerves before public speaking,” “public speaking tips,” and even “what to wear when public speaking.” I read a few pointers, but the ones that really stuck with me are as follows:

Steve Tobak’s article “Conquering Your Fear of Public Speaking” had some really good tips.

1.- “Fear may initially relate to insecurity, either in general or with respect to a specific subject or circumstance.”

Very true. My fear stems from not knowing any of the new students, and from not wanting to completely choke while speaking.

2.- You have to face your fear.

Which I have already done because I know I have a  problem and now so do my readers!

3.- Ask what’s the worst that can happen?

Which is funny because I never really thought about it. When I think about it now, the worst that thing that can happen is that while I’m speaking for  the two minutes that I’ll be up there, someone will chop my head off and ultimately eat me alive!

It’s safe to say that probably won’t happen, or at least I hope not. Bad joke, I guess.

I found a blog named six minutes that pretty much reassured me I won’t die from Public Speaking. Which is good, because I needed some reassurance. I know that I will definitely be practicing the little bit of words that I’m going to say, and I will talk to a couple of my friends to make sure I sound good.

Until then I will have my fingers crossed and just hope for the best, because really, I can’t be a reporter or an anchor one day and be afraid of speaking in front of the public.



  1. As an audience member I can say you did a great job. You really added a great point to the discussion about learning and practicing time management!

  2. Hello Missy…Now we will have none of that nonsense about fear..which I might add that the FEAR Acronym stands for False Evidence Appearing Real…You are more courageous than you…and do not doubt yourself only encourage, uphold, guide and challenge yourself, for it is what makes you who you are and never let self doubt diminish the existing talents but rather uplift you thereby taking the stand to face your fears and continue on your momentous journey to being who Alba is and only then will you only see what was always right in front of you all along….YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!..Luv u sweetie…

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