Slowing Down and Enjoying this Brief Moment

I am so busy.  My goodness. This semester, by far, has been the most stressful, the most jam-packed and the most time consuming.

As I sit here at Starbucks – the one right across the street from campus – I feel like I’m finally at ease (even though, the main reason why I came was to work on a group project, by myself).Image

Right now, I feel like I can finally breathe, and just sip on my coffee. Sure, I’m doing homework, but, currently, no pressure is felt. No hurriedness. No rush. I appreciate that.

One of the biggest concerns I have is whether I’m in the right Bachelor’s program, or whether I’m going to the right college. Every time I head to class I think, “am I getting the most out of my money?” or “am I truly learning all that I need to learn to become a journalist?” I think about it almost every day.

The fact that I’m attending a “state college,” instead of a university also worries me. I often wonder if the teachers in my Bachelor’s pass most (if not all of the students) just so the program succeeds (because it is a fairly new program)?

How about actually learning what’s required of a multi-media journalist? I honestly don’t feel like half of the classes I’m taking correlate to what I want to do in my future career.

I just need to stop and smell the coffee. Right now, I’ll take into account the fact that the most wonderful time of the year is on its way, and that at this moment, right now, I just need to enjoy this small bit of peace I’m getting – here at Starbucks.

Besides, I have class in a half an hour.


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