Winter Break Thoughts

“Tell me what you say now, tell me what you say come again . . .”

– The Worst by Jhene Aiko

Sitting in my living room, in the dark, listening to Jhene Aiko’s soothing vocals, typing out my thoughts in front of a computer screen on the couch, is how I’m spending my time before work. I probably have been on break from school for about two weeks now, and I must say this is one of the longest breaks I’ve ever had. A much needed break indeed. I finally have time to myself, I finally have time to be a little lazy, and catch up on movies, TV shows and just life. Period.

Winter break by Mark A. Hicks

Still, during this winter break, I’ve decided to really work on myself, school wise, like looking for my next internship for the summer and buying books for the Spring Semester. I’ve also signed up for extra hours at my job to pay off some of my outstanding bills (which are pretty outrageous because of the Holidays, of course, thanks Christmas).

With all that being said, I feel like I also need to work on myself, spiritually, mentally. I know I think to much, which is not always a bad thing but it can become a tiring thing. What people think of me shouldn’t be something that bothers me (or of a concern to me for that matter). I know who I am, or do I? That’s why I decided to take a break from certain social media outlets, mainly Facebook. It’s crazy how you can become so accustomed to checking a site every day, every other minute, trying to see what so and so said, what they’re doing and what they could possibly mean by it. It’s addictive, and sort of pointless. I mean, yes, networking with other students and friends of friends, could be good for my future career – one day – but it seems more of a distraction right now. I want to focus on other things this new year coming up, and I don’t want any distractions like: Facebook.

I’m usually pretty good with following through on my New Years resolution’s, I have a couple of days left before writing my next one and I plan on posting them!  It’s weird writing out my thoughts online, especially knowing others could potentially read it, but it’s good for my writing. I’ll get better at it, and it’s good for me.

Yeah, it’s pretty good for me.


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