First day of class, always a success/drag

first-day-of-classWhy successful? Because I made it through without going off on anyone, or being rude, initially. Why drag? Because of the fact that I have to go through it! Grrr. Argggh. Ugh.

I mean, how many other past college students (or current) felt (feel) the same way? I’m sure I’m not alone.  I’m a senior, so yes, there are the perks about being closer to graduating, and hopefully, getting that dream job or even getting a job right out of college. Still, the process of getting there is so arduous, aye? I mean isn’t it though. And then, you have the whole working with people you don’t really like, and if you go to a small school, continuously introducing yourselves to the same people and telling them the same reason for why your there.

You see, I go to state college formally known as a community college. What’s the difference? State colleges now offer tangible Bachelor degrees; as I remember the marketing director guy saying, “degrees that you can actually go out there and get a job with, because you can go to a university and major in Japanese studies, but there isn’t really a job straight out of college that you’ll be able to get in that.” Was that like, his sales pitch? Also, I’m pretty sure I didn’t get what he said word for word, so. . . don’t quote me on it. Anyways, I’m not sure how true that is because my pen pal majored in Japanese, graduated, and is now a Japanese schoolteacher soooo . . .

Back to what I was getting to, state colleges have the advantage of having smaller classrooms. So, technically, everyone knows everyone, especially when you’re in a program that is fairly new,  you kind of wind up getting long-term unexpected friends. Now don’t get me wrong you’ll love some of them when initially you thought you wouldn’t but, then there are going to be the ones that you know you’d rather not work with. The slackers. The winers. The never at classers, and so on (you get the point).  Then the other thing is,  at least in my case, I’m in most of the classes that include seniors who are about to be done with the program, so there’s going to be that predetermined senioritis. Which is garbage, by the way.

For those who don’t know, senioritis is a term made up by seniors in an academic program, (or maybe teachers made it up, who knows?) that get extremely lazy with their school work and would rather just not do it (totally opposite of  Nike). For a clearer, and perhaps, better explanation check out Wikepedia and Urban dictionary. Personally, I think that’s just people being lazy. You work hard for what you want, period. I mean, really, let’s say your working at a corporate job – making bank – and around the end of the year, in December, you just get super lazy at work. Please, you better leave that mess at home.

I still have the rest of the week to go, today and tomorrow.  I’ve lost that excitement that I use to have, it almost feels like an unwanted daunting task; but only because it’s the people that your forced to be around. However, I will say this, my semester is going to be successful and productive no matter what, because I am on my ish. Say whattttt? 😉


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