His Loss… Not Yours

This blog post was written for the first episode of web series Fried Eggs, “Your Fantasy, Not His.” You can view the first episode here, and find the original blog post here.

Who throws a Happily Divorced party after a divorce? Mia does! Why? Because she is finally out of a relationship that basically sucked her dry.  She had this whole “timeline” set up with a man whom she loved, even though all the signs were pointing to get the hell out of that. So where do we go from there? Celebrate the fact that you’re done! It’s always good to have friends around with good wine and good food, but at the end of the day the fact is Mia dodged a bullet. A big one.

There could’ve been so much more that could’ve came out of that relationship like:

  •  Beautiful babies
  • Powerful Couple Empire (like Brad & Angelina or Jay Z & Beyoncé)
  • Marriage into old age with a loving, caring and devoted woman
  • A strong support system, with a strong woman

But all of that is gone now. His loss. Now that their divorced, in due time, there will be a new lucky man who will realize Mia’s worth and treat her like the Queen she is. Ladies, settling is never the right route, you’ll end up wasting your time and energy, but most importantly your TIME, just like Mia did.


Clip from Beyonce' video, Best Thing You Never Had Image Provided  Via Tumblr @ Because I'm A Wallflower

Clip from Beyonce’ video, Best Thing You Never Had
Image Provided Via Tumblr @ Because I’m A Wallflower

Sometimes after a bad breakup/divorce we tend to try to guilt ourselves into thinking “Something must be wrong with me,” “it’s too late, I’ll definitely have to settle with the next man” or “I’m too old for this.” Stop it. Know your worth. If you know you’re a good woman, and the man you were with just messed up, then dust the shirt off your shoulders and thank god you avoided any more time with that mess! Sooner or later you’ll realize you dodged a bullet, and he’ll realized he did something wrong. It’ll be a lesson learned for you and a big loss for him. So, until then, do your thing and keep it classy because at the end of the day when your  “Happy Ever After” comes around, you gon’ be singing that “Best thing you never had” and not worrying a bit about your last.


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