First-class Converged Communications students soon to celebrate graduation

This article was originally written for The Campus Voice, and can be found in Monday, April 28, 2014 paper, Volume 29 Issue 12. Image provided is not the same image that appeared in the newspaper.

As spring term comes to an end, one of FSCJ’s newer Bachelor programs, Converged Communications, , has its first batch of students ready to graduate.

FSCJ Downtown Campus  Photo courtesy FSCJ

FSCJ Downtown Campus
Photo courtesy FSCJ

The first group of students that enrolled in the program began attending classes in the fall term of 2012. Converged Communications is a program that consists of small classes and communication courses like Writing for Digital Media or Political Behavior, Public Opinion and Campaigning.

These pioneer students have been there from the very beginning and are excited to be in their last semester. They are ready to put their education to use.

“I feel like I’m really excited to start the ext chapter just because it’s been a long four years, here at FSCJ. But I’m really excited to see where it will take me,” said Summer Hughes, a senior in the program who concentrated on Strategic Corporate Communications.

The Bachelors ins Science program has four different concentrations: Production Media, Strategic Corporate Communications, Political and Cause campaigns, and Converged Advertising and Promotions. With a variety of concentrations, the opportunities for these students are endless.

“I like the variety in the writing topics. I got to do anything from writing about new media to writing about how technology affects the brain to writing on the street fair. So, it was really fun, there was a lot of writing, a lot of variety and it increased my ability to do different styles of writing, ” says Michelle Irish, another senior of the program who concentrated in Strategic Corporate Communications.

Obtaining her degree was the first step in her future plans to venture out with her new degree. “I’m actually going to move out and kind of decide where I’m going from there. I’m wanting to look for a job in public relations, but I’m not sure which field,” said Irish.

The professors have high hopes for students, are excited to see growth and what the future holds for them. “I feel excited. I think that it is a testament to the program that has been created by the college. I think it gives our students an opportunity to experience another dimension of the work world by having this program,” said Dr. Bakari Akil, communications professor.

The first groups of students who are now graduating from FSCJ with their B.S. in Converged Communications have a bright future ahead of them. Dr. Akil hopes for the best for the students and leaves them with a few words of wisdom.

“They’ve done an excellent job by getting through the program, but, also, never stop learning their field, continue to study, continue to grow, continue to develop and I think that will help them most when they go into their careers,” said Dr. Akil.

The graduation for the student is schedule for Sunday, May 4, 2014 at 2:00pm at the Veterans Memorial Arena. Admission is free.

Here is the news video package version of the article.



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