NYC Guy Recants His Actions After Serious Beat Down

In mid March of 2014, a street fight video between a New Yorker and an Arizona trucker made its rounds on the internet known as, “Wannabe Gangster Gets Epic Beat Down By Arizona Trucker.” After weeks of denial on social media of getting beat up, the NYC guy identified as DJ Freekie London finally admits to his faults.  Around the time the video went rival, Freekie London defended himself on popular social media accounts going as far as to even stating that he was jumped, although, it is clear from the video that he lost the fight to one man. Currently, recent tweets from his Twitter account display a change of heart.


In a series of tweets on May 16, 2014,  Freekie London tweets a few different statements showing his change of attitude; “I made a mistake, I use to go around acting all big and bad for nothing… I’ve changed an I am a better person;” I accepted the fact that I got beat, I was in the wrong… I learned from my mistake;” and “I learned a lot that day, it’s pointless to act like a thug.” Some fellow twitter followers responded back with encouragement, one even suggesting him to drop the lawsuit.

The video that went viral was posted on Youtube March 15, 2014,  shows London yelling out continuous expletives to the trucker, and then proceeding to speaking directly to the person filming the upcoming fight stating, ” Yeah record that, I’m out here and I’m by myself…” Once Freekie London approached the two men, the one in the green shirt quickly grabs hold of Freekie London after he threw the first two punches. He then brought him to the ground and proceeded to continue throwing punches at Freekie London.

There were also rumors circulating on the internet that Freekie London had died because of severe blows to the head from websites such as Huzler’s where they state, “Freekie London was suffering severe head injuries and was pronounced dead this morning. Arizona Nurses and Doctors did the best they can to save the man’s life, but the head injuries were too great.” However, according to the most recent tweets from Freekie London’s believed to be twitter account, the statement may in fact be false. Freekie London tweets, “All these rumors fake, I’m not dead.”

From the beginning of the video it is unclear how the argument began, and yet some people commented on Youtube that the Arizona trucker went too far, while others believe he deserved the beating fair and square. What do you think about the altercation and do you think race played a major part in the altercation?

If you haven’t seen the video you can view it below, please be advised that the video may be too violent for children.



  1. Well, don’t start a fight in the first place. If race plays a part, the DJ would be the racist for trying to start a fight in Arizona.

      1. If you take a look at the video, the man in the green shirt calls the man in the black shirt the n-word, with a ER at the end. The man in the black shirt then proceeds to calling the man in the green shirt the n-word but with an A at the end. It’s the same word but both pronunciations have different meaning. The ER prononciation has long been associated with racism.

        That is why I asked the question “Do you think racism played a part in the altercation?”

  2. I believe I heard the ol n. Noun during the bickering also….. U roaming from n.y. without even a blade? Ppl. Know kung fu ya know …! tho. Its obvious neither of the two knew much about anything…… If u can’t win its time to go Samarai!!!!

  3. I personally know the man who delivered the beat down. I can tell you that it had nothing to do with race. It had everything to do with attitude and respect.

  4. He’s just another punk. They usually are in gangs beating on someone or they pick on old people. They’re cowards and this is what happens when they go one on one with someone. You see it all the time. Tough in a gang but they cry like little girls when they’re alone and get a beat down.

  5. Trucker lost his cool in the heat of the moment, but when people told him to stop, he did. I’ve seen much worse beat-downs where the guy had to be pulled off. Also, notice the trucker’s buddy has his back, but doesn’t make any sort of move against the New Yorker. Dude got exactly what was coming to him…nothing more, nothing less.

  6. don’t write checks with your mouth that your ass cannot cash….. meaning don’t start something you ain’t prepared to finish… dumbass bitches always spouting off and get their asses beat for the effort

  7. I don’t know what started this but there seemed to be fault on both sides. The trucker lost control and went way too far! I was disturbed by the fact no one checked to see if the guy from NY was seriously injured. Someone should have got between the two and stopped it before it even started to get physical.
    My younger brother has a permanent brain injury and I was concerned this man had head trauma. What I found quite disgusting was the guy cheering and being entertained by the violence. This world dure is a different place. Quite sad really.

    1. He did NOT take it too far. He was in a panic. He tried and tried to walk away and the guy kept pursuing him and even attacked him. At that point, ehat reason does he have to believe that man wasn’t going to just keep coming? Clearly, no one else else was stopping it. He did what he had to do to make sure the guy didn’t get back up and potentially get the upper hand on his second attempt.

  8. Where in the video does it notion that this guy is a trucker? He jumped into a Honda at the end of the video

    1. Granted this is a very old video, but the person who first posted this video two or three years ago called this guy a trucker, and he was local.
      So, he probably normally drives trucks. Good catch, though.

    2. Truckers don’t roll around in company trucks during their time off. Semi trucks are very limited. When you finally get leave, you would likely rent a car for a few days.

  9. He had that asswhipping coming fair and square. He and NO ONE but him brought that upon his self. I pissed myself laughing when he tried to stand up! He looked like a zombie turning on TWD! LMAO BAHAHAHAHA

  10. Our president needs to encourage people to love one another. Our previous president, the media and George Soros funded groups have been stirring the pot with the intention of destabilizing the US. People at the top like Soros need to put in prison for life.

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