How to Spot a Ho-Worker

This blog post was written for the second episode of new web series Fried Eggs, “Co-Worker or Ho-Worker.” You can view the original blog post and episode 2 on

We all know they’re out there, using their good looks and flirtatious ways instead of their brains to get ahead in life – just look at Sabrina! A Ho-worker to the core! So how do you spot one? Here are 5 tips to spotting that Ho-worker.

1. What kind of lipstick is she wearing? Anything with too much gloss drives way too much “distracting” attention to the lips. We’re supposed be thinking business here, not how good my lips taste.

Check out this length. Appropriate work attire or nah? Image Provided via Tumblr @ Beautifully-Blissful

Check out this length. Appropriate work attire or nah?
Image Provided via Tumblr @ Beautifully-Blissful

2. How tight is that dress though? How short is that dress though?!

Depending on where exactly you’re working, the appropriateness of dress attire can be very tricky, but for a HO it’ll be too easy. Way above the knees, looking more like a mini skirt dress than a knee-length dress is HO-worker attire all day. What about the tightness of the dress? If we can see panty lines, please, stop right there (same thing goes for pants/dress pants too)!

3. How’s that body language? When in business meetings, it is normal to be in more intimate type settings, like a diner, bar or in a personal office. However, the amount of distance between the two has to be taken into account. Normally, there is an imaginary bubble around each person, and once that bubble is crossed your generally too close for comfort, unless those are the intentions and it is welcomed. Did you see how close Sabrina was sitting next to her boss?

4. What does she know about her job? Besides a HO-workers outward appearance, she also needs a reason to engage in conversations with those that will take her position to the next level. HO-workers play the game, and they play the game well. They’ll act like they don’t know much about the issue at hand, and will constantly leave little notes on desks asking for “help” or requesting “tutorials” and “instructions” from power colleagues on how to be better at their job.

5. Is she getting that “Facetime”? Ho-workers give “Facetime” a whole new meaning. If every time you look around you see that woman in your boss’ or colleagues face ALL THE TIME, then, yes, you’ve spotted your Ho-worker. Be aware, it may seem like it’s just “business” that they’re talking about. But if you see this business all the time, along with the other obvious signs, then bravo my friend, you have just spotted a Ho-worker at your job!

Those are the big 5 factors to spotting a Ho-worker. Along with these factors, you may also hear gossip, but gossip is subjective and can be created by “haters.” Stick to these guidelines, and you’ll find that HO-worker!

What are some of your tips for spotting a Ho-worker?


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