The Power of the Goodies aka Flower Power

This blog post was written for the third episode of new web series Fried Eggs, “Flower Power.” You can view the original blog post and episode 3 on

We women are exquisite human beings. We can feel compassion, we are nurturer’s by nature and most of all we have the power of creating life. Yes, of course, it takes two; however, we are the carriers, the nutrient givers, the extreme lovers… we are women. And with being women we have a power that many believe can be the death of one, the heartbreak of another and the power to get that of which you please. Some call it nana, some call it goodies, and in rising popularity we call it the “surfboard”; but ultimately it is your flower power. The vajayjay.

Know your worth, ladies. Photo Credit: Rippdemup

In episode three, we meet Amber; a pretty girl who’s been using her flower power to her advantages much of her life. Still throughout the episode we witness her flower power not quite delivering what she was attempting to achieve. She wants her man to do as she please and change his ways, but she isn’t getting anywhere. It also seems like Amber is trying to trap her man in for the long haul, ultimately by tampering with the birth control. But as history loves to repeat itself almost everyday, we all know that doesn’t always work. Trying to get pregnant and trap your man into being with you is not the way, just look at what happened with the D.Wade situation. During his break with Gabrielle Union he decided to mess with some jump off and got her pregnant, but who remains future wifey? Yeah, that’s right, Gabrielle Union.

The power of flower is something that is worth a lot to a woman. She should not be defined by it, but it should only enhance her qualities as a woman for the right man. But if its Amber’s prerogative to try to keep her man, by trying to get pregnant then by all means “Do you boo-boo!” This is why the flower power is so crucial and important, because you cannot only obtain many things you want (remember it’s your prerogative), but you can also create something beautiful such as life. Still a new life isn’t always the best solution to a relationship that has just recently commenced or is on the rocks. It can sometimes be that deal breaker that makes or ends it all. 

Women hold so much power using their bodies to get what they want, but at the same time women devalue their worth. There has to be something more than just a pretty face, a fat ass and a nice body to get what you want. How about personality? How about your work ethic, or what your passionate about? There’s always more to a woman, than just the power she holds with her goodies. Is a woman like Amber abusing her “flower power” or nah?


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