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Ever see signs like your supposed to be doing something else and then you ignore it. Or better yet, you keep looking for a sign to give you some sense of direction and it’s literally right there. But you keep ignoring it? I think that’s where I am right now. But it’s all my doing. […]

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No Obscenities, Please & Thank You

While I may have not written in quite a while on this blog; I have been receiving comments on some of the prior articles with negative words.

Therefore, on this blog, if you can not express yourself in a civilized fashion without using derogatory terms that degrade the human race like the “N-word” then – don’t comment at all. Think about what you write.

Please and thank you.


Love Yourself

Lift & Run

I cannot stress this enough. You need to love yourself. You need to send out positive energy into the world, and receive it back. If you don’t love yourself, if you don’t do what’s best for you (not someone else) then, the only person your letting down is.. yourself.

sunset-successconcept Love yourself. Feel it, believe it. 

I had a horrible day yesterday and I uttered the worlds, “I wish I could change myself, I don’t want to be me.” How horrible does that sound? Extremely. Don’t let that happen to you. Smile when your feeling bad, hold it in for a minute. It’ll change your whole mood. I’m still learning, granted, but what I do know is that I didn’t feel better by downing myself. I do, however, feel better when I’m loving myself. Admit your faults but don’t beat yourself up for it. Grow. Become better. Do better. But most…

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The Power of the Goodies aka Flower Power

This blog post was written for the third episode of new web series Fried Eggs, “Flower Power.” You can view the original blog post and episode 3 on

We women are exquisite human beings. We can feel compassion, we are nurturer’s by nature and most of all we have the power of creating life. Yes, of course, it takes two; however, we are the carriers, the nutrient givers, the extreme lovers… we are women. And with being women we have a power that many believe can be the death of one, the heartbreak of another and the power to get that of which you please. Some call it nana, some call it goodies, and in rising popularity we call it the “surfboard”; but ultimately it is your flower power. The vajayjay.

Know your worth, ladies. Photo Credit: Rippdemup

In episode three, we meet Amber; a pretty girl who’s been using her flower power to her advantages much of her life. Still throughout the episode we witness her flower power not quite delivering what she was attempting to achieve. She wants her man to do as she please and change his ways, but she isn’t getting anywhere. It also seems like Amber is trying to trap her man in for the long haul, ultimately by tampering with the birth control. But as history loves to repeat itself almost everyday, we all know that doesn’t always work. Trying to get pregnant and trap your man into being with you is not the way, just look at what happened with the D.Wade situation. During his break with Gabrielle Union he decided to mess with some jump off and got her pregnant, but who remains future wifey? Yeah, that’s right, Gabrielle Union.

The power of flower is something that is worth a lot to a woman. She should not be defined by it, but it should only enhance her qualities as a woman for the right man. But if its Amber’s prerogative to try to keep her man, by trying to get pregnant then by all means “Do you boo-boo!” This is why the flower power is so crucial and important, because you cannot only obtain many things you want (remember it’s your prerogative), but you can also create something beautiful such as life. Still a new life isn’t always the best solution to a relationship that has just recently commenced or is on the rocks. It can sometimes be that deal breaker that makes or ends it all. 

Women hold so much power using their bodies to get what they want, but at the same time women devalue their worth. There has to be something more than just a pretty face, a fat ass and a nice body to get what you want. How about personality? How about your work ethic, or what your passionate about? There’s always more to a woman, than just the power she holds with her goodies. Is a woman like Amber abusing her “flower power” or nah?

How to Spot a Ho-Worker

This blog post was written for the second episode of new web series Fried Eggs, “Co-Worker or Ho-Worker.” You can view the original blog post and episode 2 on

We all know they’re out there, using their good looks and flirtatious ways instead of their brains to get ahead in life – just look at Sabrina! A Ho-worker to the core! So how do you spot one? Here are 5 tips to spotting that Ho-worker.

1. What kind of lipstick is she wearing? Anything with too much gloss drives way too much “distracting” attention to the lips. We’re supposed be thinking business here, not how good my lips taste.

Check out this length. Appropriate work attire or nah? Image Provided via Tumblr @ Beautifully-Blissful

Check out this length. Appropriate work attire or nah?
Image Provided via Tumblr @ Beautifully-Blissful

2. How tight is that dress though? How short is that dress though?!

Depending on where exactly you’re working, the appropriateness of dress attire can be very tricky, but for a HO it’ll be too easy. Way above the knees, looking more like a mini skirt dress than a knee-length dress is HO-worker attire all day. What about the tightness of the dress? If we can see panty lines, please, stop right there (same thing goes for pants/dress pants too)!

3. How’s that body language? When in business meetings, it is normal to be in more intimate type settings, like a diner, bar or in a personal office. However, the amount of distance between the two has to be taken into account. Normally, there is an imaginary bubble around each person, and once that bubble is crossed your generally too close for comfort, unless those are the intentions and it is welcomed. Did you see how close Sabrina was sitting next to her boss?

4. What does she know about her job? Besides a HO-workers outward appearance, she also needs a reason to engage in conversations with those that will take her position to the next level. HO-workers play the game, and they play the game well. They’ll act like they don’t know much about the issue at hand, and will constantly leave little notes on desks asking for “help” or requesting “tutorials” and “instructions” from power colleagues on how to be better at their job.

5. Is she getting that “Facetime”? Ho-workers give “Facetime” a whole new meaning. If every time you look around you see that woman in your boss’ or colleagues face ALL THE TIME, then, yes, you’ve spotted your Ho-worker. Be aware, it may seem like it’s just “business” that they’re talking about. But if you see this business all the time, along with the other obvious signs, then bravo my friend, you have just spotted a Ho-worker at your job!

Those are the big 5 factors to spotting a Ho-worker. Along with these factors, you may also hear gossip, but gossip is subjective and can be created by “haters.” Stick to these guidelines, and you’ll find that HO-worker!

What are some of your tips for spotting a Ho-worker?

NYC Guy Recants His Actions After Serious Beat Down

In mid March of 2014, a street fight video between a New Yorker and an Arizona trucker made its rounds on the internet known as, “Wannabe Gangster Gets Epic Beat Down By Arizona Trucker.” After weeks of denial on social media of getting beat up, the NYC guy identified as DJ Freekie London finally admits to his faults.  Around the time the video went rival, Freekie London defended himself on popular social media accounts going as far as to even stating that he was jumped, although, it is clear from the video that he lost the fight to one man. Currently, recent tweets from his Twitter account display a change of heart.


In a series of tweets on May 16, 2014,  Freekie London tweets a few different statements showing his change of attitude; “I made a mistake, I use to go around acting all big and bad for nothing… I’ve changed an I am a better person;” I accepted the fact that I got beat, I was in the wrong… I learned from my mistake;” and “I learned a lot that day, it’s pointless to act like a thug.” Some fellow twitter followers responded back with encouragement, one even suggesting him to drop the lawsuit.

The video that went viral was posted on Youtube March 15, 2014,  shows London yelling out continuous expletives to the trucker, and then proceeding to speaking directly to the person filming the upcoming fight stating, ” Yeah record that, I’m out here and I’m by myself…” Once Freekie London approached the two men, the one in the green shirt quickly grabs hold of Freekie London after he threw the first two punches. He then brought him to the ground and proceeded to continue throwing punches at Freekie London.

There were also rumors circulating on the internet that Freekie London had died because of severe blows to the head from websites such as Huzler’s where they state, “Freekie London was suffering severe head injuries and was pronounced dead this morning. Arizona Nurses and Doctors did the best they can to save the man’s life, but the head injuries were too great.” However, according to the most recent tweets from Freekie London’s believed to be twitter account, the statement may in fact be false. Freekie London tweets, “All these rumors fake, I’m not dead.”

From the beginning of the video it is unclear how the argument began, and yet some people commented on Youtube that the Arizona trucker went too far, while others believe he deserved the beating fair and square. What do you think about the altercation and do you think race played a major part in the altercation?

If you haven’t seen the video you can view it below, please be advised that the video may be too violent for children.

His Loss… Not Yours

This blog post was written for the first episode of web series Fried Eggs, “Your Fantasy, Not His.” You can view the first episode here, and find the original blog post here.

Who throws a Happily Divorced party after a divorce? Mia does! Why? Because she is finally out of a relationship that basically sucked her dry.  She had this whole “timeline” set up with a man whom she loved, even though all the signs were pointing to get the hell out of that. So where do we go from there? Celebrate the fact that you’re done! It’s always good to have friends around with good wine and good food, but at the end of the day the fact is Mia dodged a bullet. A big one.

There could’ve been so much more that could’ve came out of that relationship like:

  •  Beautiful babies
  • Powerful Couple Empire (like Brad & Angelina or Jay Z & Beyoncé)
  • Marriage into old age with a loving, caring and devoted woman
  • A strong support system, with a strong woman

But all of that is gone now. His loss. Now that their divorced, in due time, there will be a new lucky man who will realize Mia’s worth and treat her like the Queen she is. Ladies, settling is never the right route, you’ll end up wasting your time and energy, but most importantly your TIME, just like Mia did.


Clip from Beyonce' video, Best Thing You Never Had Image Provided  Via Tumblr @ Because I'm A Wallflower

Clip from Beyonce’ video, Best Thing You Never Had
Image Provided Via Tumblr @ Because I’m A Wallflower

Sometimes after a bad breakup/divorce we tend to try to guilt ourselves into thinking “Something must be wrong with me,” “it’s too late, I’ll definitely have to settle with the next man” or “I’m too old for this.” Stop it. Know your worth. If you know you’re a good woman, and the man you were with just messed up, then dust the shirt off your shoulders and thank god you avoided any more time with that mess! Sooner or later you’ll realize you dodged a bullet, and he’ll realized he did something wrong. It’ll be a lesson learned for you and a big loss for him. So, until then, do your thing and keep it classy because at the end of the day when your  “Happy Ever After” comes around, you gon’ be singing that “Best thing you never had” and not worrying a bit about your last.