One Spark, The World’s Crowdfunding Festival

One Spark took Jacksonville by storm two weeks ago, April 9th – 13th. The city was bursting with art, creativity, musicians, innovators and much more. Never has the city experienced such a robust time in the spring. Experience the last day of One Spark through these images captured by your’s truly, AlbaCarol.



My Piece of Jacksonville.

Jacksonville has been home to me for three years. Being that I’ve lived in places like Harlem- NY and Miami-FL, people would assume that Jacksonville would be less than impressive to me, but that’s far from the truth. From rainy days to sunny days, and from football games to a nice relaxing night, I’ve experienced some of the greatest times in the city of Jax. The people that I have encountered here, have been some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met; and the tranquility of places like Riverside and the Landing by the river, makes up for the craziness I may experience in a days work.  This is my Jacksonville and I love it – especially at night.

So there was this scavenger hunt…


It started off as a simple assignment for my assembling digital media class and turned into an adventure full of fun! I know it sounds cheesy, but I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more than I did in a class! The task of finding specific items and capturing them in a certain way to display the uniqueness of it was indeed fun. I never considered myself a photographer, but the way I was squatting down at certain angles to take pictures and the action of taking multiple pictures of one object at a time, sure made me feel like one.

The scavenger hunt included finding ten items but they had to be specific of course (or it wouldn’t have been a legit scavenger hunt). The items were: a reflection, “weird perspective”, person but no faces, rust, lines, something moving, discarded, signage, “intense color” and an interesting texture.

Who would’ve though ten simple things that I had to take a picture of could be found at dinner, and in the parking lot of a shopping center! Thank you Town Center for you made it all possible. I’m sure I could of found some of the items else where, but I feel like I found my items perfectly. I also need to give thanks to Baby’s R Us and Chipotle and my friends. If it weren’t for those two places and people, some my beautiful pictures would not exist!